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Abkhazia round trip - Black Sea - 8 days from € 1.790.-
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incl. flights from Europe, half board, English speaking guides and visa/permission for entry to Abkhazia

Trip AB 10 in spring 2016: We present you 1 day !

Gagra – Pitsunda – See Ritsa – Novy Afon - Sukhum
Welcome to the sunny country of Abkhazia


Abkhazia "Apsni" is a subtropical beauty, the mountains are around 4000 Meter high and the palm coast of the black sea is around 240 km long. Due to the high mountains Abkhazia gains a subtropical climate, and this warm climate enables the production of bananas, pineapple, mango, kiwi, citrus fruits, wine and tea.

The Russian author Anton Tschechow, who travelled the Caucasian black sea coast in 1888, wrote: “The nature is so beautiful, it can make you crazy...if I could live in Abkhazia for only one month, I would be able to write 50 wonderful fairy tales. From every bush, in all shadows of the mountains, in the sea and from the sky thousands of subjects are looking at me“.


Day 1: Arrival at the Black Sea
Flight with Lufthansa, Aeroflot or similar airline from Europe via Moscow to Sochi (Russia). Here your tour guide will welcome you, then transfer to a middle class hotel in Sochi-Adler, possibility for a walk along the promenade, dinner. (D)

Day 2: Welcome in Abkhazia
After breakfast transfer to Gagra Abkhazia.
Gagra is just 20 km away from Sochi-Adler, from the border Russia - Abkhazia it will take about 20-30 minutes driving time.


Gagra is famous for the beautiful road along the banks and the many beautiful parks with palms and cypress. In this area the mountains tend to fall steeply and go all along the coast. The high mountains protect the city from the cold winds.
The sea is crystal clear, the beaches invite for a walk at any time. Gagra offers perfect relaxation, there is a lot to see and to find out about the history of Abkhazia.
You will live in Old-Gagra, in the comfortable Hotel Raida, only few meters away from the beach. The hotel offers a tennis court, table tennis, Volleyball and has its own private beach. The tastefully fitted rooms have shower or bath, toilet, TV and a balcony, partly with view of the sea. Dinner in the hotel restaurant. (B, D)

Day 3: Gagra and Pitsunda with church and concert

Gagra was built in the 2. century b.c. by Greek settlers, between the rivers Joechwara ánd Gagripsch.

The city of Gagra is embedded in the green of the subtropics, the air is filled with the flavour of Magnolia and cypresses.

Because of this colourful countryside, it was decided at the beginning of the 20th century, to turn Gagra into a spa. The prince of Oldenburg, the brother in law of Tsar Nikolaj II., had the idea to turn it into a spa for the royalty. Gagra has one of the most beautiful spa parks along the Black Sea coast. It was created on a drained swamp, from 1902 to 1905. The architect was Scherwinski, ordered by the Duke of Oldenburg, and nowadays there are palms from the Canaries and China, ceders from the Himalaya and Magnolia from the States.

During your walk around the town you can visit the park, the restaurant Gagripsch and drive to a beautiful view point.


In the afternoon we visit the church Pitsunda in the town of the same name. This church houses the second largest organ from the soviet time, it is a beautiful building from the 10. century, and was seat of many bishops. The complex reminds of a fort from the middle ages, inside there are frescos from the 15th century.

To finish the day off we visit a concert with the choir Pitsunda, which will take place in the church with its beautiful accoustic.



On your return to Gagra you may take the opportunity to swim in the Black Sea, visit the Aqua park or walk along the promenade. Dinner in the hotel. (B, D)

Day 4: Lake Ritsa – beautiful Caucasus

Lake Ritsa is amidst a nature reserve in the Caucasus mountains, about 950 m high. The glacial lake with a length of 2,5 kilometer and a depth of max 63 meter lies amidst the beautiful Caucasus mountains. A must for all Abkhazia visitors.


The mountain sides from up to 3200 meters are a popular skiing area in winter. Many pinnacles offer brilliant starts, there are beautiful birch forests and the condition of the snow is not to be found in Europe nowadays.

After your walk at Lake Ritsa you have the possibility for a boat tour on the lake. After, we will go to the Blue Lake.

The Blue Lake is in a canyon near Lake Ritsa, it is 25 meters deep, and fed with clear and clean spring water. (B, D)

Day 5: By train along the Black Sea


The morning is at leisure. In the early afternoon we will travel along the Black Sea by train through the Abkhazian mountains to Novy Afon. The tracks are partly in disrepair, and at these spots the train travels at walking speed. This track is one of the most beautiful in Europe.



In Novy Afon, you take a walk through the beautiful town to your hotel, Hotel Abkhazia close to a lake. Your luggage will be there on arrival. In the evening you visit an Abkhazian family for dinner. (B, D)

Day 6: Novy Afon – cave and monastery
Your hotel, Hotel Abkhazia, is situated in the beautiful parc at the Black Sea coast.
In the middle ages (12. century), large parts of the hotel were built, even the Russian poet Tschechov has slept here.

The hotel with cafeteria has a phantastic ambience and is only 50 meters away from the beach. All rooms are with bath - shower, toilet, TV, fridge, air conditioning and partly with balcony overlooking the monastery.
Nowy Afon was already mentioned in the 5th century as Anakopija. From the 7th to the 8th century the town was political center for the principality Abkhazia, and later capital of the same kingdom.
In 1874, Russian monks came from Athos in Greece to create a monastery here, which they named “New Athos”. This name later transferred to the town.

Viewing ot the town and the ruins of the fort Anakopija and the Simon-Kananitski-monastery, this was built with the help of Tzar Alexander III. as a neobyzantic monastery.


Opportunity to lunch in the coastal park. Near the ending of the river Psyrzcha into the Black Sea, there were 7 ponds created in 1880, the Primorski Park. In this park you also find a traditional Abkhazian coffee shop, an “Apazcha”, and here you will taste Abkhazian specialities tonight.

In the afternoon, you visit the Novy-Afon-cave, this is the most popular and most visited cave in the mountains of Iverian, near the city of Nowy Afon.
The cave is about 50 km and was discovered at the end of the 60s of the 20th century, and in 1975 it was opened to the public. The cave consists of several large rooms, visitors go through the cave with an underground railway. (B, D)

Day 7: Sukhum - Old Fortress

Today you drive to the capital of Abkhazia Sukhum.
In Sukhum you can still see many buildings from the 11th to 13th century, including a fortress and a castle, the remains of an ancient temple, an ancient bridge and not far away, the ruins of the great wall of Abkhaz with 160 km length, which was built in the 4th Century. Sukhum and Gagra are among the most beautiful towns on the Black Sea - mainly because of the many green areas and parks with palm trees.

During the city tour through Sukhum you visit the botanical garden, which was already founded in 1840 and presents more than 800 different tree and shrub varieties to the visitors.


Next you visit the fortress Sukhum - Kale, this was built in the first Century and in the 5th Century rebuilt by the Turks, the fortifications were strengthened.
The walls are built of stone, reaching a width of up to two meters. In 1810 the fort served as a Russian military barracks, later it was used as a prison. From the old fort to this day the south-western tower with Romanesque masonry in the foundations, the northern wall with remains of a gate and the pavement in the inner part have survived the system, next you will see the ruins of the castle of Georgian king Bagrat (11th century).

At the end of today's experience day you stroll along the famous beach road of Sukhum. Return to Novy Afon. Dinner. (B, D)


Day 8: Departure

After breakfast, transfer to airport Sochi-Adler and return flight via Moscow (B).

Extension to your trip to stay in Abkhazia, Sochi and / or Moscow booked on request.

B = Breakfast, D = Dinner

Minimum number of participants:  2
Maximum number of participants: 12


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Trip AB 10 in spring 2016: We present you 1 day! 

Abkhazia Tour AB 10 will be prolongated about 1 day ! 

Arrival Saturday, Departure Sunday.

Dates/Season AB10 9 days now

30.01.2016 - 07.02.2016 (Season A)
20.02.2016 - 28.02.2016 (Season A)
27.02.2016 - 06.03.2016 (Season A)
05.03.2016 - 13.03.2016 (Season A)
12.03.2016 - 20.03.2016 (Season A)
19.03.2016 - 27.03.2016 (Season A)
26.03.2016 - 03.04.2016 (Season A)

Services / your tour package includes:
Scheduled flights with Lufthansa, Aeroflot or any other airline from Europe via Moscow to Sochi and back in economy class (in reservation form you can fix departure airport)

All overnights in very good middle class hotels, rooms with bath / shower and toilet.
Meals: Half board, 1. day: Dinner, Breakfast

All programs described including entrance fees
All transfers 

English speaking tour guide from / to Sochi airport
Entry permit / visa Abkhazia

The tour price does not include: costs for 2 times entry visa for Russia        "invitation" to apply Russian visa we can send to you without fees

Prices in € / person:           Season A           Season B
Double room                      1790.-                 1990.-
Single room:                      1990.-                 2190.-

Your Accommodation

 Gagra hotel Raida

 Novy Afon Hotel Abkhazia   

Visa / entry permit Abkhazia
The entry and exit of Abkhazia is via the Russian-Abkhaz border crossing at Psou Sochi. To travel to Abkhazia, you will need a Russian visa, which entitles entry to Russia two times and a visa / entry permit for Abkhazia.
The cost for procuring visa / entry permit Abkhazia are included in the tour price.
You will need a valid passport with at least 6 months validity beyond the end of the trip.
The visa for Russia is requested at the Russian Consulate. Visa support you can get from us free of charge. The visa / entry permit for Abkhazia, we will request, the electronic visa for Abkhazia will be sent by mail, you get the exit visa after arriving in Abkhazia Sukhum from above Ministry, which is arranged by us.



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